Creates Liquidity

Tokenisation makes previously illiquid assets instantly tradeable Security tokens can be listed on exchanges, and transacted in seconds rather than months or years 

Secondary Market Efficiency

Tokenisation allows us to settle transactions instantly by eliminating the need for clearing houses and settlement

Lower Fees

By wrapping securities in tokens, we can leverage the power of smart contracts to build in efficiencies and cost savings across the entire administrative process

A Decentralised Ledger for Securities Registry

By putting the share registry on the blockchain, we eliminate the need for 3rd parties to keep track of records. This makes it more secure, and faster to access the most up-to-date information on our positions

An integrated Identity Verification KYC Solution

Konkrete will satisfy all KYC/AML/CTF requirements in order to be compliant with both local and international laws.

Konkrete enables fund managers, property developers, homeowners and landlords to raise capital from a global investor network. Compliantly.

You can download the Information Memorandum for the offer on the Project details page which can be accessed by clicking on the Project listing above. The online Application form will be provided alongside the Information Memorandum. You should carefully review the Information Memorandum in deciding whether to acquire the securities; and anyone who wants to acquire the securities will need to complete the online application form that will accompany the Information Memorandum.

The content provided on this website has been prepared without taking into account your financial situation, objectives and needs. Before making any decision in relation to any products offered on this website you should read the prospectus, product disclosure statement, information memorandum or any other offer documents relevant to that offer and consider whether they are right for you. The specific offer document is available at the Project and Project Application Pages. Tech Baron PTY LTD (ABN 67617252909) (Tech Baron) which is a Corporate Authorised Representative 001264952 of AFSL 275444) provides technology, administrative and support services for the operation of this website. Tech Baron is authorised to deal in securities only and is not party to the offers made on the website. Here is a copy of our Financial Services Guide.

In particular note that this website does not rely on the Crowd Sourced Equity Funding (CSEF) regulation (RG261) and does not have an ASIC authorization to act as a Crowdfunding intermediary platform. Any use of the term crowdfunding anywhere on this site should not be be construed to mean that such an authorization exists. Investment offers listed here typically rely on RG228 to provide effective disclosure to Retail investors using a Prospectus. We believe the CSEF regulation is unsuited for Property development investment opportunities and have hence relied on providing a full prospectus to provide clear concise and effective disclosure.

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